Having the correct gear is essential when using a firearm. Here are a few pieces of gear and accessories that we recommend when purchasing your GLOCK pistol:

  • Eye Protection: Eye protection is a must for target shooting and training. You need comfortable, durable eye protection with high safety ratings and a semi wrap-around feature to protect the sides of your eyes as well as the front.


  • Ear Protection: You should always wear ear protection while shooting. This is another must. You can choose between custom-molded ear protection, basic ear plugs or ear muffs.


  • Gun Case: Cases help protect your firearm as you transport them. They come with either hard or soft sides, in various styles and price ranges. Your new GLOCK will come in a hard-sided gun case, but you may want to consider a soft-sided case or a case designed to hold multiple firearms and other range accessories.


  • Storage: There are lots of options to store your firearm at home or work, including gun cases, combination safes, bio-metric safes, lock boxes, and more. Safely storing your firearm is a very important part of being a responsible gun owner.


  • Ammunition: You will need to have the necessary ammunition for practicing at the range or for self defense.


You can find many of these items, as well as a host of other accessories, in Our store

Start Training Immediately

Every gun is unique in the way it feels, handles, and fires, so it’s important to practice with each gun you own to get as comfortable and familiar with it as possible. If you train on a regular basis, you will build muscle memory for how each gun fires, so you feel natural and comfortable with each one, even in stressful situations.

Do You Need a Training License

Each state has its own rules for how residents can obtain a concealed carry permit. Some states don’t require a permit, and some states require training that includes classroom instruction and/or live-fire qualification. Most states also require a criminal background check to ensure the purchaser is not prohibited, for any reason, from being issued a concealed carry license.

Check your state’s government website to find out what rules your state has for concealed carry. You may need to check your county website as well.