Discover all the Colt pistols for sale and purchase with confidence at, the principal online gun auction site. Colt’s Manufacturing Company is a historic American company founded by the legendary Samuel Colt. In the first 70 years, Colt developed a myriad of revolvers including the famous Colt 1911. Designed by John Browning, the M1911 pistol became the standard-issue sidearm for the U.S. military from 1911 to 1985, which further established Colt as an industry leader. Shop for Colt Pistols online at offers a complete breath of Colts, visit the site and explore all there is!

As a retailer of the Colt Firearms Brand, we guarantee the quality of the Colt Pistols, Colt Rifles and Colt Revolvers here on sale at Colt Gun Shop. Are you’re considering buying Colt Firearms or a Colt Python online? There are a great deal of motivations to do that, and it is totally legal. Perhaps your local gun shop doesn’t have the specific Colt firearms model you’re searching for.


Possibly you’re sitting in some exhausting gathering or presentation and attempting to give yourself something to anticipate. Perhaps you would prefer not to descend off the mountain until your Colt Python is ready to pick up. Possibly you have not been able to get a particular Colt firearm (sad!), yet you truly need one of the guns you found on our site. Regardless of your reasons, we have you covered. Buy Colt Python Series online from our amazing collection of Colt firearms.

The Python is back! Building on Colt’s Snake Gun legacy, the legendary double-action revolver returns in stainless steel in 4.25” and 6” barrel lengths. The 2020 Python features modern stainless steel alloys and a re-designed rear sight. Thirty percent more steel beneath the rear adjustable target sight gives you a stronger revolver and more robust shooting experience.


A recessed target crown, user-interchangeable front sight, and Walnut grip with the iconic Colt medallion make this a gun you’ll want to shoot AND show off. The Python is chambered in .357 Magnum and also accommodates .38 Special cartridges.

You’ve just made your way to Colt Gun Shop, the only place on the web that meets your ever-changing Colt firearm needs. With the utmost respect for the Colt series, we carry an abundance of semi-automatic options and all the must-have gun supplies to ensure their flawless performance. From the COLT 1911 CLASSIC to the popular COLT PYTHON, we’ve got everything you might need, whether for recreational shooting or concealed carry.


At Colt Gun Shop, we take once-complex purchasing processes and turn them into simple. With us, you can get top-rated yet cheap guns and upgrade them in a snap. For the sake of our customers’ hassle-free experience, we:

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